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Important details you should know about gold melting

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Gold smelting is a purifying and processing gold. This process dates back as early as 6000BC. According to prominent historical sources, gold smelting was practiced in the ancient towns of Mesopotamia like Syria, which was at the time known as Babylon. The gold smelting process has been used during the Greek civilization and was written about by Heraclitus, a popular philosopher in Greek.

The use of this gold processing technology was applied in various parts of the world, and its popularity in the gold production industry did not go down from here. Gold smelting involves a series of processes like refining and melting using gold melting machines. In this post, we discuss gold meltingĀ in depth.

What is gold melting?

Naturally, melting is the process of transforming gold from a solid to a liquid state. The method includes the use of high temperatures. Before the gold gets introduced to the high temperatures, it is treated to remove impurities and chemicals.

Gold is a naturally occurring element; therefore, it usually features some chemicals in its raw state. Some popular chemicals found in the gold ore are mercury and iron. Mercury is one of the most dangerous chemical elements in the world. Exposure of human beings and animals to mercury could result in significant medical challenges. Therefore, if the chemical was to get heated with the gold, it could cause many problems. On the other hand, iron has to be removed because it could oxidize and corrode the smelting or melting process machines.

After the chemicals are removed from the precious metal, other impurities have to be removed. These impurities include traces of different metal elements. This is the process preceding the actual melting. Once the gold is purified, it is placed in gold melting furnaces where it is prepared for manufacturing into different products. Note that the melting point of gold is around 2000-degrees Fahrenheit. Therefore, the furnaces have to feature this amount of heat for transforming the gold to liquid.

What is the role of gold melting?

Gold melting is a process that dates as back as gold smelting. In ancient times, gold would be melted into various products like spearheads and sundials, to name a few. Gold melting has been popular because the metal features conducive properties. It does not eliminate any chemicals that could be damaging or dangerous to the environment or living things during the process.

The main role of gold melting is to allow for the manufacture of other products using the materials. Melting allows manufacturers to use gold for countless manufacturing purposes. It allows you to shape it into anything.

Melting has made gold one of the most popular manufacturing methods.


Gold melting can be done using a wide range of methods. It can be done in simple ways, like using a crucible and a heat source like fire. It can also be done using a heating kit like an electric furnace. The most popular method of melting gold is using gold melting furnaces. These furnaces are usually noncombustive and very safe.

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