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What Do You Know About the Stump Grinder Cutter Teeth and Pocket?

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JYF Machinery creates and sells markets many kinds of worn components along with cutting instruments. For a variety of brands of stump grinder equipment, they manufacture cutting instruments and wear elements. They offer stump cutters teeth for stump grinders and other wear parts for grinders. Additionally, they produce pockets holders cutting wheels bolts, and more.

Furthermore, they manufacture stump round teeth and stump finger teeth. They’ve been dedicated to assisting customers in getting the most use feasible out of their stump grinders. In order to accomplish this, they have developed several tooth shapes for stump grinders that enhance the efficiency of your machinery by speeding and optimizing the procedure of grinding.

Only a portion of the specified stump grinder teeth and cutter items are displayed on this page. Kindly get in touch with us and visit here if you are unable to locate the product you’ve been searching for on this website or if you need specialized stump crusher components.

Sorts of Wear Components for Stump Grinder is Accessible at JYF Machinery

Here are variable varieties of wear parts for the stump grinder that can be obtained at JYF machinery;

Stump Grinder Pockets

The cavities or cavities included in the stump cutter a drum or a wheel where the stump grinder teeth have been placed are referred to as Pockets for Stump Grinders, which are additionally known as cutter pockets or tooth pockets. The teeth are held securely in place by these pockets, which additionally render it simple to substitute or reposition the teeth as necessary.

Stump Grinder Teeth

The cutting tools fastened to a stump grinder’s rotating cutting wheel or drum are commonly referred to as the machine’s teeth. Tree stumps are crushed and chipped away by these teeth. According to the purpose for using them and the type of stump that must be eliminated, they can be purchased in a variety of kinds and materials, notably diamond, steel, and carbide.

Stump Cutter

The main components that house and comprise the teeth for grinding stumps are commonly referred to as stump cutters, sometimes known as cutting wheels or stump cutter wheels they attach to the driving system of the stump grinder and are often constructed out of sturdy steel. The rotating teeth’s housing and l force required effectively remove and grind stumps are provided by the stump cutters.

Teeth Fitting Stump Cutters Pockets for 1100 Series Stump Grinder

It is a stump grinder an enormous piece of apparatus with a swirling steel wheel and carbide point. The outermost part within the stump is where the wheel sits, and when it turns, it softly rocks the stump side to side. The stump was then further crushed each time you move. In the end, the tree’s main branches beneath the stump and the tree’s stump in its entirety will be turned to make tiny wood chips.

Tungsten Carbide Particles

For tooltips, they only employ tungsten carbide of the greatest grade as a raw material. Superior abrasion resistance is offered by the dual-grain tungsten carbide pulverized raw material.

Tungsten Carbide

For the production of high-quality dual-grain structure tungsten carbide with remarkable welding abilities and high wear resistance, the carbide raw material has been pressed and fused.

Hard Facing

For the purpose of producing a wear-resisting welded layer on instruments with hardness ratings of up to 55hrc-60hrc, experts employ specifically produced CR-W or chromium. Furthermore, CR-W performs exceptionally well in terms of pressure and resistance to abrasion.

Steel Body

One of the most precious grades of steel is the 42CrMo alloy steel that JYF uses. Its durability, which ranges from 42 to 55 HRC, lends the tungsten carbide tip strength.

Sum Up

A substantial piece of machinery with a rotating steel wheel with a carbide point is called a Grinder for Stump. The wheel is dropped onto the stump’s edge, and as it turns, gently shift it side to side. Then, with each movement, the stump became crushed even further. The primary branches beneath the stump as well as the whole tree’s stump will ultimately be reduced to small wood chips.

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