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Why laser cleaning has become so popular in 2021?

by mtelec

Laser cleaning machine price has dramatically gone down in 2021. For many years, marketers have been conducting a market education to people, thus making them want to try it out. Laser users, therefore, chose between the two categories of laser cleaners.

What are the categories of laser cleaners?

There are two primary categories of laser cleaners, including the pulse laser and continuous-wave laser cleaner.

Pulse laser cleaner

The pulse laser cleaner is a traditional laser cleaner considered the most suitable for laser cleaning tasks. Pulse lasers can protect the base material and remove rust oxidation paint, oil, and all kinds of dirt or layers from a material surface. The suitability of pulse lasers is usually based on the application and operation.

Continuous-wave laser cleaner

The continuous-wave laser cleaner has been introduced in the laser cleaning field within the last few years. This type of laser is common within the welding and cutting field. So, the quantity of the continuous-wave lasers is huge, which makes the price reduce drastically.

Continuous lasers can essentially take of rust quickly since they have more power. However, the main disadvantage of this type of laser is that they do not protect the base material of the metal very much. Continuous lasers are economical and require little capital to acquire.

What is the best rust remover?

Choosing the best rust remover may not be difficult if you have a power range in mind. Each of the categories of laser cleaners has varying power ranges. Generally, the power ranges from 50 watts to above 500 watts. It would be best to consider the item you would like to clean and the number of pieces you would like to clean within a day, month, or year.

Your preferred machine’s efficiency and cycle time may be calculated, which will help you choose the most suitable model for your applications. Generally, continuous-wave lasers are best for large rust removal, while pulse lasers are suitable for most applications. Nonetheless, power decides the efficiency informing you how many pieces you need to do.

Advantages of laser cleaning

Laser cleaning is among the essential contactless and environmentally friendly procedures that help to get rid of surface coatings on metals with very little effect on the base material. It has various advantages, including:

  • Giving metal and non-metal surfaces a quality finish after quick removal coatings
  • Reduction of the risk of damaging the base material
  • Varied industrial applications, for example, military, power generation, automotive, etc.
  • Environmental friendliness
  • Little or no maintenance of the laser cleaning machine
  • Compliance with the Occupational Safety and Health Administration regulations
  • Multiple uses such as preparing and cleaning

How much does rust removal cost?

Ranging from minor rust repairs to major rust repairs, you may spend varying amounts of money to remove rust. From approximately twenty dollars and above, you may find solutions to issues concerning rusting parts.

In the long run, rust might be unavoidable to some extent despite new technology on rust resistance. The cost of removing the rust varies depending on various factors. These factors include the size of the area to clean among other factors.

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