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Why Control Valves Are Critical In Manufacturing Operations

by mtelec

Control valves are designed for a wide range of purposes. You should note that they are important in building industrial control processes. Ideally, they control chemicals, fluids, steam, and gases. They work by altering the magnitude of the flow. Also, they help regulate other media properties, such as pressure and temperature.

It is vital to note that manufacturing plants have various control loops that are critical for producing products. These interact and the controller then processes the information. Although several things can happen, load changes can occur. The use of control valves achieves this. Therefore, electric control valve plays a significant role in shaping the product quality, safety, and overall equipment maintenance.

Product Quality

When it comes to manufacturing, the quality of the product ought to match the desired one. Therefore, you can only make quality products when a quality management process is in place. Remember that in manufacturing, different variables must be regulated. Ideally, control valves are part of manufacturing systems that play a critical role in fulfilling quality needs.

As you know, manufacturing businesses make a lot of products utilizing raw materials to end-use products. Products that are considered not of the desired quality are either discarded or recycled. Therefore, there is a need for plant operators to focus on control valves. You should note that using the wrong size or inappropriate control valve can have severe consequences. Moreover, even minute changes in the valve position can have a huge impact on the overall flow.


It is vital to note that control valves are critical when it comes to processing. This is a mistake that can be avoided. That is because it can hurt the business’s bottom line. Therefore, you have to ensure control valves are inspected accordingly during periodical maintenance schedules. You can even use a control valve software, which can help detect problems. Also, you have to ensure you select the right valve by considering factors such as noise level, size, construction, and operating temperatures. Always follow the manufacturer’s recommendations when servicing and inspecting control valves.


The truth is that control valves play an important role in industrial safety. Remember that pressure flow can be quite high, and if there is damage to the valves, it can result in adverse effects. For instance, loose screws can result in explosions, especially when the media being transported is explosive. Recent studies have shown that control valves are responsible for harmful emissions that can harm the surroundings.

You should note that some control valves are designed to initiate a shutdown when situations get out of hands. By closing certain valves, it becomes easy to control the situation during an emergency. However, you ought to ensure that this is done when necessary. That is because doing so stops production hence loss of revenue, which may be difficult to recover.

With several uses of control valves in production, quality, and maintenance, you ought to ensure you choose the right control valves. Also, you have to carry out preventative maintenance and educate your workforce on safe operations.

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