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What Are The Various Hydraulic Press Machine Types In The Market?

by mtelec

Hydraulic press machines play significant roles in various industries. Some of those roles include; maintenance, fabrication, assembly, assists operators in bending, fitting, and assembling sheet metal, equipment, bearings, and parts. Thus, a hydraulic press machine manufacturer plays a crucial role in producing efficient machines for various industries in the economy. Furthermore, the manufacturers produce several types of hydraulic press machines. Thus, this post aims to inform you of six different hydraulic press machine types available.

Six different hydraulic press machine types

1. H-frame hydraulic press

The H-frame hydraulic press consists of vast floor units that join a press cylinder, a steel frame, a movable bolster, and a pump, thus ensuring the H-shape is attained. Furthermore, the press is equipped with a hand pump for applications that need low volumes. The cylinder size depends on the compressing force you require and the press application. Additionally, the H-frame hydraulic press machine can be used for several applications; in production lines assembly and maintenance and repair factories.

2. Manual hydraulic press

The manual hydraulic press does not require the use of power to operate. Thus, the manual hydraulic press operational costs are minimal as no extra costs are required for power. Furthermore, the machine is durable and can be used to perform several applications such as assembly and fabrications.

3. Bench frame hydraulic press

The bench frame hydraulic press machine is almost similar to the H-frame hydraulic press. It joins a steel frame with the press cylinder. The key difference between the H-frame and the bench frame is that they are smaller and can be mounted to workstations or tabletops. Furthermore, the bench frame sometimes features removable cylinders and hand pumps. Additionally, bench frame hydraulic presses can be used for both lower volume and higher volume applications.

4. Air-controlled hydraulic press

The air-controlled hydraulic press, as the name suggests, uses air to drive the press operations. The air-controlled hydraulic press can press materials using the same amount of power as the electric hydraulic press.

5. Roll frame hydraulic press

The roll frame hydraulic press has a few feet long table accommodating big materials at the press frame bottom. Furthermore, the roll frame press is almost similar to the H-frame press. Also, the part of the machine, either the press frame or the table, depends on the machine model. The moveable parts allow for the machine’s operators to establish pre-determined presses when pressing complex objects. Since the machine can be used to work on large objects, overhead lifts and forklifts are used to glide the table or frame and move objects into the press. The purpose of using the forklifts is to ensure that the large object and the press are aligned appropriately. Furthermore, the roll frame hydraulic press is a safe material to use.

6. Electric hydraulic press machine

The electric hydraulic press machine, as the name suggests, uses power for press operations. Furthermore, the press can be used for a variety of applications and is widely efficient.


As you can observe from above, there are different types of hydraulic press machines. Each machine has its own features. Thus, if you want to purchase one, ensure that the device you need meets your requirements and specifications.

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