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Top Uses of the famous Japanese Samurai Sword

by mtelec
Samurai Sword

Samurai swords are one of the most famous swords that people buy in this century. The popularity of these swords is dazzling because they’re not the strongest or cheapest on the market.

These samurai Sword owners belong to an exclusive club of people that are into it for not just the cool factor. Beware of props, but you can get real, functional samurai swords from samuraiswordsmith.com, among other trustworthy sources. Regardless of how odd it may seem, there are reasons people buy samurai swords.

Self Defense

The story of the sword is a millennial one that dates back to before the bronze age. While the quality and effectiveness may be debatable, there’s no doubting the reason for these ancient swords.

Defending themselves and properties from harm is one reason sword owners give for owning a samurai sword. While you can always buy a gun for that, however, a sword doesn’t experience accidentally discharge.

Unlike a gun, you can keep a sword at home and not have to worry about the kid or legality. A sword is a weapon that can protect you but doesn’t come with all the dangers of any other weapon.

Vintage collection

A sword lover is merely a pretender until he holds a real sword in his hands. But why stop with one sword when you can have them all. Collecting samurai swords for a vintage collection is one reason why people buy them. Your sword collection is never complete until you put a real samurai sword in it.

Stage Combat

You can use your brand new samurai sword to stage a play at school or the office. One of the reasons that people buy samurai swords is to star in certain plays. A real sword is a lot more durable than a prop and is no danger, as long as it’s blunt. Movie actors will find that historical reenactments need less editing with a real samurai sword.


Kendo practitioners find that they can learn better with a real samurai sword than a wood one. Real swords are more cumbersome than wood ones and work much like weighted wood swords. Other sports like Iaido will also find it useful for practices.

Students must learn to cut properly with a real sword if they’re to grow adequately. Event organizers won’t let you use the samurai sword in a real competition. But it’s still a great idea to practice with them and become used to the feeling.

Ornamental purposes

A samurai sword makes a beautiful wall art if done right. It may not be a Picasso or anything award-winning, but it’s still badass. Nothing says art than a samurai sword centre-piece in the sitting room as a visitor comes in.

Costume Piece

Imagine you’re Deadpool at Halloween but can’t fight a robber because you’re holding a prop. Costume party goers will find that a real samurai sword goes better with their costume than an empty hand.

Final Thought

Joining the exclusive club of samurai sword owners gives you a lot more than just the cool factor. But no matter how many other things you can use it for, a samurai sword is still a cool accessory.

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