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Qualities That Make The Variable Speed Pool Pump Popular

by Miguel Laroche

Variable speed pool pumps are essential to a pool’s filtration system. Furthermore, the pump ensures that one can easily circulate water at a low flow rate for a long period. For example, the aquagem pool pump ensures the low flow rate is energy saving. Furthermore, the variable speed pumps are more energy-saving than the single-speed pumps. Its energy efficiency has made it quite a popular pool in the market. Therefore, this post aims to educate you on the top six qualities that make the best variable speed pool pump popular.

Top 6 qualities that make the best variable speed pool pump popular

1. Energy efficient

The top quality of a variable speed pool pump is its energy efficiency abilities. Traditional pool pumps are very energy-consuming. Thus, the more energy-consuming a pump is, the more expensive it is in the long run.

For the variable speed pool pumps, their energy-saving capabilities mean that less power is consumed. Furthermore, it saves energy by operating at very low speeds. The low speed only needs a few watts and amps. Also, the best variable speed pool pumps in the market can be programmed to use a specific speed.

2. Money-saving

Variable speed pool pumps initial cost is quite expensive than the single speed pool pump. But, in the end, the variable speed pool pump is cheaper. It is because the pool pumps are energy-saving, thus, the minimal power bills in the ends. Minimal power bills signify money saved.

3. Good filtration system

The variable speed pool pumps use low speeds for their filtration systems. For bigger pools, the low speed used signifies better filtration. Furthermore, slow water flow makes the filtration of debris and particles in one’s swimming pool easy.

4. Longevity

One of the best reasons why the variable speed pool pump is popular is because of its longevity. Generally, the pool pump’s life span lasts longer than a single and two-speed pool pump. Furthermore, its energy-saving abilities ensure that it is a good long-term investment.

Additionally, a variable speed pool pump creates fewer vibrations and heat during its operations. The low vibrations and heat mean that its frequency and chances of tear and wear are minimal.

5. Silent operations

The variable speed pool pump has a magnet motor that ensures it operates at low speeds. The low speed facilitates less noise. Its less noise ability makes it relatively popular. Additionally, at high speed, the pool pump is more silent than any other pump. Less noise pollution means that one can enjoy quiet swimming pool filtering.

6. Automation system

The best variable speed pool pump available in the market uses the latest technologies. The latest technologies ensure that the pool pump is computer-controlled. The computer control ensures that one can set in different things like speed, schedules, and settings. Therefore, allowing for automation processes.


The variable speed pool pump is a smart investment for most. Even though its initial purchasing cost is expensive, its long-run cost is cheap. Therefore, making it an affordable pool pump to own in the long run. Furthermore, its automation system ensures that it saves time.

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