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Products that Can Be Made Through Injection Molding

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Injection molding is widely used to produce products in mass volume. The process involves injecting melted plastic resin into a mold until it is fully filled. High pressure and extreme temperature are used to fill molds with liquid polymers or plastic resin. Molds are cooled to eject plastic parts. You will find this process to be quite versatile and can make a wide range of products and components for different applications. You can find injection mould company that can match your business goals.

Plastic Bottles

These are widely made through injection molding. They can be made in a wide range of sizes and shapes. The bottles can hold water and drinks made from PET since the material is quite light and strong.

Electronic Housings

These housings are made with an injection molding technique. The electrical housings are used in computers, medical equipment, TV, remote controls, and consumer electronic gadgets. You can use injection molding to make any custom plastic enclosure of any given size and application.


Toys should be made of a material that is durable, non-corrosive, and lightweight. You can find the toy available in different colors and sizes, and it is meant for easy precision. The building block is made of firmer plastic granules that are heated and then injected into the metal molds, which the plastic solidifies and cools into the shape desired. The truth is that each component should be molded to fit together. In fact, the precision product should be available in different sizes, shapes, and colors.


Original equipment manufacturers for agricultural products are switching to plastic parts because it is a cheaper alternative as compared to metal. Moreover, plastics provide high impact resistance during use. Also, they can withstand extremely low temperatures and humidity. You can also add UV additives to protect the plastic parts from extremely harsh conditions and corrosive chemicals.

Household Items

Drinkware, containers, and molded closures are some of the items that can be made with injection molding.

Automotive Components

Various components, such as radio controls, dashboards, bumpers, and cup holders, are widely used in transportation vehicles. In fact, some interior and exterior parts are made by injection molding manufacturing.

Healthcare Industry

You can find thousands of products and devices made through injection molding that is used in the healthcare industry. Remember that the healthcare industry uses multipurpose plastic products that can be made in bulk. That is because most of the products are meant for one-time use. Hence the products are disposed of to maintain sterility. For instance, syringes are made through injection molding.

The truth is that injection molding is a common manufacturing technique for making a wide range of items that are used daily. Applications for these products are industrial, consumer, and commercial use. You should note that injection molding provides the much-needed versatility to make designs with intricate details. The method helps make solid parts for electronic housings, containers, outdoor furniture, toys, and agricultural products.

The good thing about injection molding is that it is highly reliable and repeatable for mass production. After producing the first part, you can make other parts with an identical shape. Other advantages are labor costs and less waste generation.

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