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Important Questions To Ask Before Getting Rapid Tooling Services

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Rapid prototyping is the latest technology in the manufacturing process. It allows for affordable and quick development of prototypes. The best rapid prototyping company available in the market ensures that all its customers receive the best services. Rapid prototyping offers services such as rapid tooling. Rapid tooling procedure allows for mold development via steel, hand-load inserts, stocked mold base, and aluminum. The rapid tooling technique is considered the most favorable method used in process design, marketing samples, and product evaluation. This article aims at informing you of the essential questions to ask before acquiring rapid tooling services.

Essential Questions To Ask Before Acquiring Rapid Tooling Services

· What is the rapid tooling speed rate?

The fabrication of molds depends on the geometry and the size of your components. In addition, the normal size for shut mold or the common open mold is 300mm * 300mm * 50mm. The prototyping of the normal size mold usually takes about ten days. Therefore, while in the market for rapid tooling, you should inquire how long your part will take to be fabricated, given the description of your design.

· What is the necessary material needed for rapid tooling?

The rapid tooling materials do not limit the type of material it can use for its processes. It is, therefore, essential to note that you can use any material from plastics to zinc or aluminum. In addition, rapid tooling can produce large amounts of parts of any material.

· Does rapid tooling produce high-quality products?

Quality in manufacturing is essential. Therefore inquiring on the level of quality is essential. If a company offers high-quality prototype Parts, then it should be considered the best in the market. Products produced through rapid tooling are very close to the final product. Therefore, rapid tooling ensures that the quality of your part is very high.

· What are the maximum moldings that the rapid tooling process can produce?

Different materials produce different amounts of molds in the rapid tooling process. Therefore, it is essential to inquire about how many molds you will expect to get depending on the material you require to be used. For example, steel molds can get +/- 10,000 shots and aluminum +/- shots.

· What is the main reason to use rapid tooling?

If you want a few prototypes to be developed, then rapid tooling is the best technique available. It is cost-effective and very fast. Furthermore, if you want to test out the market, rapid tooling is also the best method to use. Therefore, depending on the number of prototypes you need and the testing capabilities you require, you can inquire if what you have in mind is suitable for rapid tooling.

· Is rapid tooling service affordable?

Rapid tooling allows for the use of different materials. Different materials are available at different prices. Therefore, the material you opt to use will determine how cheap or how expensive the service will be on the subject of price.


The best thing about rapid tooling is that it uses the latest technology, therefore, offers very fast and efficient services. Therefore, the technologies used will also ensure that you get the highest quality of your products. The above questions will help guide you in what type of questions to ask.

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